Patrik & Vlasta

Chic and Stylish wedding in Santorini

Chic and Stylish wedding in Santorini



Overlooking the deep blue sea, the Chic and Stylish wedding that we’re sharing with you today, is a combination of the beautiful nature of the island Santorini  and the sea view to Kaldera, creating a paradise landscape.

A lovely couple Vlasta and her Patrik with a 18-year relationship that never stopped believing in its’ dreams, a couple that after so many “I love you” that were told to each other, finally decided to say its’ most powerful ” I love you” here in Santorini.

We fell in love with the gorgeous arch that was adorned with white flowers and a white curtain, where the couple exchanged vows. After the ceremony, the two protagonists and their guests enjoyed the magical view with a little dancing.