Cora Weddings in Crete - Santorini

It is the eruption of the infamous Kaldera that was the cause of destruction of Minoan civilization, the island of Thera and created a tsunami. But, apart from the great destruction, this eruption gave birth to the incredible island of Santorini, situated on the very volcano Kaldera. Capital city Thira is one of the place you simply must to visit. The city is founded directly on the top of the volcano. To reach the top of the island you have to use telpher or donkey. For adventurous people we suggest to take up a challenge of climbing the 588 stairs from the local harbour to Thira. A variety of entertainment is available in the area. Coffee shops, bars, restaurant with balconies and terraces will give you a breathtaking view of the sea. Those who appreciate history shouldn’t miss the Museum of Prehistoric Thira, Archeological Museum of Santorini, Museum Megaro Gyzi and several other smaller exhibitions.In the center of Thira you will find a market that is offering all the local specialities. The small village Oia that is carved into the volcanic rock – is another amazing location to visit and to witness is world famous sunsets. Oia has a lovely choice of restaurants, coffee stores, bars and shops. Nearby are two beautiful beaches – Ammoudi and Armeni that can be reached only by foot.

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