Lunchies- Reusable Food Lunch Sandwich Wrap - SXLZ6IIT

Lunchies- Reusable Food Lunch Sandwich Wrap - SXLZ6IIT

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  • RE-USABLE- Use Lunchies bag to eliminate singular use sandwich bags and cling film from your lunch routine, helping you to become eco friendly and save the environment. This single wrap can used for your lunch and snack over and over again.

  • MONEY SAVING– Lunchies wraps can be cleaned and reused over and over again, not only helping you to save the environment but cut down the money you spend on single-use food wraps.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE – These wraps are perfect for use on the go, the wrap can double as a plate when open, making lunch on your lap a clean and tidy event! The wraps filled with all of your favourite items. Easily pack sandwiches, rolls, cake, crackers, snacks and biscuits with ease. Great for kid’s lunches, picnics, work and travel! They also make fantastic gifts.

  • EASY FASTENING– The Velcro fastening is quick and easy for both adults and children alike. Simply slip your lunch inside and press down to seal.

  • WIPE CLEAN– These wraps are easy to clean and re-use. The material can be quickly wiped clean. Dishwashing is not recommended.

  • Lunchies re-usable sandwich wraps are the perfect way to quickly and easily pack up your lunch and snacks. When open the wrap can double as a plate/tray keeping your lap or other surfaces clean and preventing your food from touching any unwanted germs. This re-usable wrap can be used daily, helping you to not only be more eco friendly in eliminating single use sandwich wrapping, but also cut the cost of purchasing this. It is perfect for lunchboxes of kids, adults and teens and also makes a fantastic gift. Why not complete your Lunchies set with our Lunchies reusable lunch bags!

    Lunchies- Reusable Food Lunch Sandwich Wrap - SXLZ6IIT