Cora Weddings in Crete - Santorini


Although I am close to 40, my head is still full of dreams and the wedding planning agency Cora is one of them that was turned into reality. I believe that a person who has no dreams is not truly alive, and for that reason, you can say that I live to the full! Some of the dreams were fulfilled, others not, but the biggest one came into my life in the face of my beloved daughter, who I love to the moon and back and to whom I will prove that life is beautiful in many ways, and will show her with an example of Cora Weddings and the magic of love and marriage.

My second dream, like every woman, was finding the true prince. The prince was found and dressed up for our wedding, between Slovakia and Greece. That wedding, my own wedding, was the first time I had an opportunity to organize the celebration of love and I fell in love with this sacred ceremony. Surrounded by outlandish landscapes and customs of island Crete, my dream has become a reality and inspired me to come where I am now, to listen to your desires, your dreams and make them come true.

Cora Weddings in Crete - Santorini


CORA WEDDINGS agency organizes weddings, engagements and ceremonies of marriage vows renewal. We are a team of people living on island Crete who know the perfect places, beaches, and most suitable decorations, unique to the Greek islands of Crete and Santorini. Together we visited the most beautiful coasts and sights, and selected the most dreamy locations that are ideal for your wedding ceremonies. Our team of professionals will be entirely at your service to ensure that all your wishes are taken into consideration and that the most important day of your life will stay in your dreams as pure magic.

CORA WEDDINGS provides the whole spectrum of wedding planning services from the general planning to all the nuances and details: translation of official documents, location reservation, decoration of the wedding spot. We will make arrangements to book one of the best photographers on the island that specializes on the weddings who will capture these most important moments for you to come back to in the future, again and again.
The wedding ceremony will be tailored to your wishes, your style and your character. The only thing that will be required from you is to say “I DO”.

Cora Weddings in Crete - Santorini


Pomegranate is a symbolic fruit, signifying beauty, love, marriage, fertility, birth, hope, prosperity, eternity. A symbol so important that ancient Greeks would devote to it an entire festival right after the harvest. This three-day feast was to hail Goddess Demeter, mother of Persephone, and every woman that gives birth and supports the household.
The rituals were passed from generation to generation and up until this day in Greece pomegranate is given to the couple at every wedding to bring prosperity and fertility into their marriage.

Greece in general and Crete in particular became my new homeland and my main source of inspiration. The Greek culture, the customs, and their mentality, the beautiful land that surrounds them – all that is pure magic. Crete and Santorini are perfect places not only to fall in love with someone but also make it official and celebrate your wedding.

My personal story of falling in love with a Greek man and moving to this incredible country has motivated me to share this experience with other and organize the most important moments of their lives in this place, so special to me and many others.

My Favorite Locations


The city of Chania is located in the westernmost part of Crete, an ideal place not only for a wedding but also a honeymoon. Chania region has an endless number of spots that would turn your wedding ceremony in the most magical moment of your life. The romantics of Chania’s Old Town will make you feel emotional and eternally loved, and its magnificent Venetian port will make you think of other couples that were in love centuries ago holding hands and gazing at the sea the way you do now.

Holiday in Chania combines relaxation with stunning beaches, visiting historical sights and experience the authentic life of a Greek island. Do not miss trips around the Chania region to discover the fairytale spots such as Balos, Elafonissi, Falasarna, Paleochora, Sfakia, Samaria Gorge. All of the beaches have crystal water and each offers a unique experience, from the most visited to the furthest.

Wedding At Winery

Cretan winery offers a unique atmosphere that is just perfect for a wedding ceremony – laid-back, cozy and fun, this venue will let your wedding day happen so naturally and so special at the same time. The brides that dream of a ceremony in a rustic setting with delicious local foods and wines, surrounded by nature – this is your go-to option.

This ideal wedding venue is set in the rolling hills with the Cretan style wild fields. Surrounded by olive trees in the rustic nature, you can invite your guests for a delicious wedding dinner in the courtyard.


The breathtaking views and famous architecture of Santorini make it one of the most romantic places on the planet. This island is one of the most popular wedding destinations for a reason. Spell the vows to each other over a cliff of the fascinating Kaldera and we promise that your first sunset as husband and wife will be the most astonishing sunset of your life.

It is the eruption of the infamous Kaldera that was the cause of destruction of Minoan civilization, the island of Thera and created a tsunami. But, apart from the great destruction, this eruption gave birth to the incredible island of Santorini, situated on the very volcano Kaldera. Capital city Thira is one of the place you simply must to visit. The city is founded directly on the top of the volcano. To reach the top of the island you have to use telpher or donkey. For adventurous people we suggest to take up a challenge of climbing the 588 stairs from the local harbour to Thira. A variety of entertainment is available in the area. Coffee shops, bars, restaurant with balconies and terraces will give you a breathtaking view of the sea. Those who appreciate history shouldn’t miss the Museum of Prehistoric Thira, Archeological Museum of Santorini, Museum Megaro Gyzi and several other smaller exhibitions.In the center of Thira you will find a market that is offering all the local specialities. The small village Oia that is carved into the volcanic rock – is another amazing location to visit and to witness is world famous sunsets. Oia has a lovely choice of restaurants, coffee stores, bars and shops. Nearby are two beautiful beaches – Ammoudi and Armeni that can be reached only by foot.

Beach Wedding

As an official wedding location, we offer the perfect setting to get married on one of the incredible beaches that island Crete has to offer.

Beautiful white sand, breathtaking sunsets and a spectacular oceanic backdrop make a perfect natural romantic setting. Your wedding will be organized on the white sand, surrounded with the sun, sea and romance! Walk bearfoot down to the water just to look up into each others eyes and say “I do”…

Traditional Cretan Villa In Traditional Cretan Village

This traditional Cretan villa in Maroulas village near Rethymno is a historic building, dating from the Venetian era (1200- 1600). Originally, a traditional Cretan olive oil factory, the holiday villa has been recently renovated and offers a luxurious & contemporary feel for your wedding and holidays in Rethymno.

The 450 m² historic villa provides comfort and beauty to its guests joy. The holiday villa sleeps up to 12 people and consists of 4 bedrooms with bathrooms, a professionally equipped kitchen, a fully equipped living area with large TV, Hi – Fi, a mezzanine with a work space and free Internet / Wi-Fi Access, an open cellar with 3 barrels of local wine from 2005, and a huge tunnel with billiard and oriental restroom.

Wedding At Private Villa

A private villa is the ultimate solution for your Greek wedding location in Crete.

Out of hundreds of villas, we have selected the most elegant venues ideal not only for your wedding ceremony but also for your stay during this magnificent trip.

You will be able to choose from:

1. Traditional Cretan villa
2. Villa with sea view
3. Villa with your choice

Venetian Fortress

Situated almost in the centre of the old town, Fortezza is the pride of Rethymnon. This giant fortress with its centuries of history is visible from every corner of the town and offers panoramic views of Rethymno and the western.

The Venetian Fortress is ideal for taking photos of your unique day with a beautiful view of the deep blue sea and the White Mountains painted with the colours of the sunset. If you are lovers of history and culture, Fortezza is the perfect place for your romantic wedding.